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How to spot fake Cuban CigarsHow to spot a Counterfeit or Fake Cuban Cigars


Here is a list of all Cuban cigar websites so far exposed or detected that are operating online. They are actually SELLING FAKE Cuban cigars and here are my reasons why:

* Cheap prices compared to legitimate dealers online and they always have added discounts. 
* Do not carry Cuban cigars packaged in aluminum tubes or 3 & 5 packs. 
* No selection of Cigarillo sizes (Minis,Clubs,Puritos)
* Offer Limitada Edicions from 2001 -2006 which are non-existent and under priced. 
* Still offer series and brands that have been discontinued by Habanos SA (for e.g. Partagas Churchill de Luxe)
* Never have a selection of Regional Editions Cuban Cigars.
* Never have in stock any smaller gauge sizes/brands such as Quintero, La Flor de Cano, Fonseca and Jose L. Piedra. 

Because these are less expensive brands from Habanos SA and they are not worth counterfeiting.  These websites have a warehouse which is located in Costa Rica. For US customers will ship you they unbanded cigars and then after you have received, say they sent the boxes and rings by mail but got seized. You actually received Costa Rican tobacco or cigars or from another country with similar strength and taste to Cuban tobacco in taste. Here are a ones that are well known in the cigar community and also by seasoned smokers and aficionados: 

ALL FAKES and no doubt the same persons or companies operating these websites.

Box Appearance (Click on images to enlarge)

How to spot fake Cuban CigarsHow to spot  counterfeit or fake Cuban Cigar

On the bottom of box you will find a Habanos heat stamp.  Make sure it is a heat stamp impressed into the box and not an ink stamp.  Below this heat stamp will be a factory code stamp in an ink colour (usually green, blue or black).  This tells you the factory where the cigars were rolled and the date.

Box Contents
Upon opening the box pull back the flap, and smell the tobacco.  The fragrance should be pleasing, with a rich, deep aroma.  The cigars should be uniform in both colour and shape.  The top face of the cigar may appear flattened, or what is known as box-pressed.  This is particularly true for torpedo shape.  The caps should look identical, all resting at an equal distance from the top of the box.  The foot of the cigar should be cut clean and straight, and the bands should be identical and aligned perfectly.

On the top and bottom row of cigars there should be a small strip of wax paper running across the bands.  Next pull a cigar out of box and feel it, by holding between your thumb and forefinger.  Press together down the whole length of the cigar, it should feel firm and even (not a hard spot and then a soft spot).  This is always a dead giveaway that the cigars are counterfeit.

New Habanos SA authenticity warranty seal verification for 2009 onwards: http://www.habanos.com/Sellos/Info/VerificaSelloCajon


As a way to keep all Habanos lovers as well as our Exclusive Distributors updated all over the world, it's necessary to notify the changes to be occurred as regards as to the Cuban Warranty Seal.

From now on, a new Warranty Seal will be gradually introduced in all the packaging where two new elements are to be added. On the right hand, a hologram as a security item will be added and on the left hand, next to the Cote d´ Arms, a bar code will personalize every package.

Cuban cigar fakes

This label will always be placed from the upper left side of the box or display, leaving 3 to 6 mm from the edge and to be bending up to the front right over the center of the Cote d´Arms whenever possible.

This Seal has been developed through a base of synthetic paper with special characteristics such as an auto-destructive feature before any attempts of removal and with several maximum security techniques added.

•   Non-transferred label. Any attempt to remove it, will cause invalidation of the seal by self destruction.
•   Highly adherence of the paper (plastic) Auto-destructive, Self-destructive.
•   Scan and Photocopy Protected System.
•   The holographic band will show a bicolor text in 2nd and 3rd dimension.
•   Elements with optical variations attached.
•   Also it will enclose a micro dot only visible through laser scanner.

On the other hand, a unique bar code will be applied on every single box thus customizing every packaging. This information will be saved in a data base allowing the identification of this product everywhere, whom this product was addressed to as well as the Invoice number, amongst other details.

The fact is that there will always be a time in which both old and new Warranty Seals designs will exist at the same time in the markets. The length of time in which the two seals will coexist is not so easy to foresee because it depends on the stocks and on the rotation of the different products.

As a reference please find attached here a file of the aforementioned seal and the proper way of affixing it on the boxes, in jpg format.

Cuban Cigar fakes

Cuban cigar fakes